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Comical Conservatives delivers impactful and real commentary on breaking news and current events. Stay connected for important news alerts by following the official Facebook page with 2 million subscribers.

Jordan Riddle, who is an alum of the University of Colorado Boulder, currently serves as Editor-in-Chief. Jordan studied marketing and entrepreneurship at UC prior to turning to journalism. In addition to Jordan, our senior writers include David Rufful, Natalia Kay, Lawrence Richard, and Carver Malone. The mission the website is to provide impactful and real commentary on breaking news and current events. Our editorial team works hard to provide information that is factual, trusted and delivered to millions of Americans daily.

The website is an independent publication started under the parent company VIP Ad Solutions LLC. The website has never accepted outside funding and holds no debt, making it truly an independently owned and funded news publication. The website remains in Good Standing and has paid all state and U.S. federal taxes.

The website fact-checks all published content to ensure accuracy and truth. When appropriate, the site makes corrections and accepts submissions from verified, 3rd party fact-checking companies. Employees and independent contractors of the website are bound to act in accordance with the site’s Ethics Policy.

VIP Ad Solutions was founded Josh Riddle and David Rufful. In addition to covering the news, the parent company provides advertising services to numerous high-profile brands and clients, such as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, through its website VIPAdSolutions.com. Josh and David also founded another company, Young Conservatives LLC, which has worked with numerous politicians and political commentators over the years, such as Allen West, Stacey Dash, Diamond and Silk, Chicks on the Right, and others. For more information, use the following links:

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