Video Surfaces Of CNN’s Don Lemon And April Ryan Arguing About Kamala Harris’ ‘Blackness’

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Don Lemon and April Ryan had an on-air snafu on the subject of Kamala Harris’ race, according to Chicks On The Right.

More from Chicks On The Right:

Kamala Harris isn’t African American, no matter how much April Ryan wants her to be. I mean, I don’t like agreeing with Don Lemon, but from a purely technical standpoint, he’s right, I suppose. I mean, is “black” what you call a woman of Indian/Jamaican descent? I have no idea. But if Kamala Harris calls herself black, who am I to argue? As we learned from Rachel Dolezal, it’s all about your feeeeeelings.

Speaking of which, did y’all hear that Rita Ora is now being accused of “blackfishing?” According to the sourcelink, even though Rita Ora has publicly discussed her Albanian heritage previously, there are apparently people in the Twitterverse who are ONLY JUST NOW discovering that she’s not as black as they thought she was, and this is enraging them.

Why? Because she has styled her hair into an afro before, and worn braids.


I don’t know if y’all were aware of this, but YOU CANNOT CHOOSE YOUR OWN HAIRSTYLE when you’re a white person. These are the new rules.

Also, according to the sourcelink, “Blackfishing is a term used to describe a person accused of pretending to be black on social media by using make-up, hair products and styles to change their appearance.”

Please add this to your ever-expanding list of woke terms that are literally making us all dumber by the day.

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